Pre-Shipment inspections ensure that goods being exported or imported correspond to agreed quality. We will help you reduce your risk by inspecting your consignment or even machinery and equipment before shipment and issue an authentic Inspection Report.

Based on our 5-tiered CATCH Framework, it all begins with a thorough discussion with the client to pinpoint the necessity for the inspections. Once the REQUIREMENT is determined, we begin with the ASSESSMENT of the situation including preparation of a list of inspection criteria and frequency of inspections. In the TRANSFER Phase, we will assist your staff in streamlining the internal quality control mechanisms to avoid quality issues in the future.

Just imagine, the used machinery or equipment purchased by you in Europe was partly damaged or defective and ready to be shipped to you! Let us check it thoroughly and ensure its proper packing and dispatch, from the location into a container and to the port of shipment. Imagine similarly, the leather jackets to be exported to a German customer do not correspond to the agreed sizes! We will check the consignment before shipment and ensure that it meets all quality standards as agreed between the parties. We will be pleased to discuss your requirement and make an unmatched price offer to reduce your risk of loss.