You are looking for used or new machinery in Europe at a fair price. We will help you to locate the machinery, help in negotiations and inspect it if desired, and assist in negotiations with the seller.

Based on our 5-tiered CATCH Framework, it all begins with a thorough discussion with the client to pinpoint the necessity for our involvement. Once the REQUIREMENT is determined, we begin with the ASSESSMENT of the situation including the search for the required machinery, equipment, or even services, and suggest suitable steps. In the TRANSFER Phase we will assist your staff in correspondence with the seller and -if needed- assistance in negotiations.

German industry is forced to keep its equipment at the highest and latest technological level in order to remain competitive and retain its top position as the world's topmost industrial nation. Machinery and equipment of the older generation are therefore regularly disposed of and new technologies introduced. German used machinery is therefore abundantly available at reasonable prices. We understand where and how to look for used machinery in Europe at the best possible prices. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements in this regard and make an unmatched price offer!