Export sales advisory is the backbone of what we do and we will help you place your product in a professional manner with your new European customers

Based on our 5-tiered CATCH Framework, it all begins with a thorough discussion with the client to pinpoint deficient areas with a need for reform. Once the REQUIREMENT is determined, we begin with the ASSESSMENT of the situation including a market and branding analysis in order to secure that all homework is done in front of a sales campaign. In the TRANSFER Phase we will assist your staff in implementing the suggested measures and CONFIRM their implementation, if desired.

This exercise includes naturally the creation / optimization of the necessary sales tools that make a huge difference to your exporting potential. If you equip your sales people with excellent tools and an effective digital presence in the internet, their chances of impressing and winning clients in Germany increases significantly! Leave translation, graphics and communication to us – we know what is needed!

Apart from the internal evaluation, the exercise defines a broader array of export promotion activities such as   Definition of sales strategy,  Creation of sales tools,  Identification of suitable customers, Coaching of sales units