It can happen in the course of business that a dispute arises with a supplier or customer. We will help you to manage the situation by guiding you how to deal with the situation.

Based on our 5-tiered CATCH Framework, it all begins with a thorough discussion with the client to pinpoint the necessity for the intervention. Once the REQUIREMENT is determined, we begin with the ASSESSMENT of the situation including out of court and legal options, and suggest measures. In the TRANSFER Phase we will assist your staff in actual correspondence with the customer and -if needed- coordination with the lawyers.

Problems between customers and suppliers arise often due to miscommunication and misunderstandings. There is always a human aspect in the situation which requires understanding the psyche of 'warring' parties. We understand it all! Let us first attempt for you an out of court settlement to settle the matter amicably at the lowest cost. If the need arises, we will help you engage a suitable lawyer and coordinate with him on your behalf. We will be pleased to discuss your requirement and make an unmatched price offer to reduce your costs!